I have a passion for creating positive change, continuing the forward momentum in Kentucky that will further enhance where we live, learn, work, and play. Following are just some of the issues I care deeply about.

Promoting the Sanctity of Life

I am 100% Pro-Life and hold this value most dear. The people of Kentucky overwhelming support the sanctity of life and our state is on its way to becoming the most Pro-Life in the Country. We can be proud of that and continue to move the agenda forward.

  • Work against policies that make abortion more accessible
  • Support the work of pregnancy counseling centers
  • Work for education that shows future parents there are options available, such as adoption
  • Oppose the government funding of abortion

Defending the 2nd Amendment

I am 100% Pro-2nd Amendment with no conditions. I do not support “red flag” laws or measures to restrict gun or ammunition purchases. Any restrictions will undoubtedly negatively impact law-abiding citizens. There is much violence in our society today that was not experienced in decades past. I believe this is not due to the availability of guns but rather from deteriorating mental health. It is imperative that we deal with the root causes of this disturbing trend rather than masking it by restricting guns.

  • Work to protect our Constitutional rights as citizens to keep and bear arms
  • Work to protect Kentucky’s heritage of gun ownership
  • Oppose the restriction of gun ownership and use by law-abiding citizens

Promoting Economic Development

Our communities will thrive if we create more good jobs for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. But we must remember that it is the private sector that creates jobs not government. Small business is the heart of healthy communities and future economic growth. We need to protect and grow small business by giving them access to government services and listen and act when we find obstacles to their future success.

  • Work to support small business with incentives for expansion
  • Work to cut government bureaucracy that adds cost to the operation of a small business
  • Work for a lean, efficient government that creates an excellent business environment
  • Oppose a tax structure that limits business growth and hinders new economic development

Supporting the Family

The family is the basic building block in healthy communities. Unfortunately, cohesive family units are now the exception rather than the rule. There are a growing number of single parent households, children born to unmarried parents and children in foster care. There is much research that points to the crumbling of families as the root cause of a number of societal problems: drug use, students not completing high school, gangs, unemployment and poverty.

  • Work to promote healthy families
  • Work to educate students on the formula for success in life
  • Work to streamline the foster care system
  • Oppose laws that discourage solid family structures

Developing the Workforce

Government can spur economic growth by ensuring our citizens have the right skills for the future. These skills will fill the needs of today and take our citizens into the future with well-paying jobs. We will attract the businesses of tomorrow by having a well-equipped workforce and a pipeline that ensures well-prepared employees in the years ahead.

  • Work to create job opportunities for people on benefit programs
  • Work with our educational systems, starting at an early age, to prepare students to leave high school on a path toward a career
  • Work with our schools to provide technical skills training

Fighting the Drug Epidemic

Access to drugs in our communities, and their devasting effects have been labeled a national emergency. Drugs not only effect the health and wellbeing of our population but also cause severe strain on local budgets as communities fight to save lives and deal with the crime driven by drug dependency. Drugs also undermine our ability to have a citizenry ready and able to work in the jobs we are trying to attract to our state.

  • Work to stop the flow of drugs into Kentucky
  • Work to move drug users quickly into treatment and recovery programs
  • Work to identify the root causes of the drug epidemic and support treatment of those societal issues

Finding Pension Solutions

Public employees including teachers have been promised pensions and I believe we should stand behind those promises for the current generation of workers. However, Kentucky’s pension systems are billions of dollars short of what is needed in the future. The system today is unsustainable and the problem can no longer be ignored. The system must be reformed for future state workers or the system will eventually bankrupt the state. We can allow this to happen and ignore the tough issues facing us.

  • Work to hold the managers of the pension systems accountable for their performance
  • Work to ensure transparency in the management of the pension systems
  • Work to help state employees clearly understand the problems and impacts of the current pension crisis
  • Oppose solutions that take benefits from retirees and those nearing retirement

Cutting Big Government

The bigger and fatter government gets the weaker and less independent Kentucky becomes. Government must not step beyond its Constitutional limitations and infringe upon the lives of local governments and its citizens. We must constantly be on the lookout for waste and unnecessary red tape.

  • Work to cut unnecessary government laws and regulations, and the associated spending that does not result in a better Kentucky
  • Work for transparency in all government spending and hold the managers of those programs accountable for the results
  • Work for an open relationship between State Government and local communities and ongoing honest dialogue
  • Oppose Government overreach at every turn