When you are campaigning, all of a sudden you are not anonymous. People you don’t even know call your name. Do they know me? Or are they just reading my car sign? No wait. I have my name tag on. You need to be able to laugh at yourself. Being in the public eye means all eyes are on you. I spilled my coffee on the floor during a meeting today.

We visited EC3 printing and design shop in Versailles.. The owner, Kim announced she had a surprise for us. We get to make our own t-shirts. Oh no! I make a mess out of crafts. If only one person will make a mess out of project, that one person will be me. Every one assured me that it was easy. Only one step. Instructor right there. Get to watch everyone before you. All good. Then it was my turn. The expert had to jump in and fix it. Everyone laughed. I didn’t even see my error.

Is it a curse? Or is it the magnifying glass?

I give a good speech though.