There is a wide ranging movement across the Commonwealth to speak up for the 2nd Amendment. From rallies in Frankfort to Resolutions passed in Anderson and Gallatin, citizens are rising up, making their voices heard. We understand our protections in the Bill of Rights and we intend to make sure our elected officials know we know. We will not allow these rights to be trampled on. The right to bear arms can not be limited.

Resolutions shun sanctuary status

Many 2A supporters want Kentucky to be a sanctuary for all those who intend to keep and bear arms. The word “sanctuary” has come under hot debate. Mayors and judge executives express concern that “sanctuary” will connote a place where those who have committed an illegal activity may come with no repercussions. That concern has led to the striking of the word “sanctuary” from the resolutions which have been brought before the Fiscal Courts. However, the core intent of the resolutions — to uphold the Second Amendment rights of its citizens — has been maintained.

The Fiscal Courts in Owen, Franklin and Woodford need to declare their intent to oppose any unconstitutional restriction on the right of its citizens to keep and bear arms. The voters are watching. The voters will remember if their will is reflected in Court action. That is how our representative democracy is designed to work.

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