About me

I am running for Kentucky State Senate because I believe we need more fresh voices in Frankfort with a wealth of business experience to move our Commonwealth forward. I am a retired business executive, having spent my career in the telecommunications industry with AT&T, Bell Laboratories, GTE and Ameritech, a Fortune 50 company. I joined Ameritech as Director of Public Relations when they were formed to launch the first commercial cellular service in North America. Serving as Vice President-Communications I directed our highly competitive advertising, media relations, employee communications and customer-driven market research programs.

Never one to shy away from a tough challenge, I volunteered for the newly created position of Director-Quality as we sought to make our products and services driven by the needs of the customer, measured only by satisfaction and repeat business. When the company won the J.D. Power Award for Cellular Service, I moved to Vice President-Operations, managing support for our front-line sales and service associates.

Driving positive change

Known as a change agent in the Corporation, I assumed the same position for the Home Phone Service Division, responsible for supporting 6,000 sales and service associates in more than 30 call centers in the Great Lakes Region. The company we built was so successful we were bought out and merged into another telecommunications giant, Southwestern Bell.

What a great opportunity to start a new chapter in my life! I longed to stay home with my middle-school aged children, Valerie and Matthew. As I did, I found many opportunities to serve in the community which I embraced. Serving as small group leader, then coaching and consulting with Ministry leaders, I became Membership Director of our church. I already had a heart for serving the poor and under privileged and that desire blossomed into intensive work with the homeless in Chicago.

Choosing Kentucky

As my children grew older and left for college, I got my real estate brokers license and embarked on a new career. That eventually led to a move to Kentucky for my husband, Bill and myself, upon his retirement. I continued serving as Marketing Director of a real estate firm as I explored serving opportunities in Kentucky. I have been with Open Hands Community Food Pantry in Lawrenceburg for 10 years, serving on the Board of Directors and managing the daily needs and volunteer staff. I love the people we serve and have developed many close and
lasting relationships that fill me with joy.

As I campaigned for Congressman Andy Barr, I wanted a way to stay highly engaged in politics, one of my lifelong passions. I formed Anderson County Republican Women, a thriving Club chartered by the National Federation. When the opportunity to run for the State Senate emerged, I knew a new chapter in life was opening up. I look forward to serving the people of the 7th District with the same passion, enthusiasm and servant heart that I have built my life upon. I desire to hear from you about your hopes for your government and how I can make that a reality. Thank you for your interest in my campaign.